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Thank you for visiting!!  20 yrs ago, I became a photographer... a passion ever since first shooting, developing, printing, and spending time in the art dept. at WSU.  I love being inspired visually, and paying attention to form, feeling textures, colors, movement, and experiencing light in an ever-changing life landscape, creating art, and placing it within interior space.


I'm available for commissioned work, with a variety of mediums and frames available. Pricing varies, depending on order size, type of work, and the dimensions.  The images on this site, are examples.  I have 1,000's of images to choose from to customize interior space.  I have a lifetime satisfaction guarantee on my artwork.


In addition to photos, I've been painting ontop of printed images.  (See the 'photo-painting' gallery.)

I'm also beginning to work, on a new abstract series of paintings. 


For 15 yrs, I created original work, not duplicating images, which helped me walk down creative avenues and grow as an artist.  I now offer a wide range of printing options, sizing, and pricing.  


Please get in touch with me using: this sites 'contact' section, 928.405.9868, or 

Warm regards,



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